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Dear Customers,

Since a few months already, we see a different market driven by high levels of inventory – generated by the semiconductor crisis and its consequences on the supply chain.
Most franchised distributors released lots of stocks to your factories. The lead times overall situation is now better, even if already a lot of components are under allocation, still. It is not easy to read the challenges ahead.

Also, we help you with our market data and the service level we deliver to the market. Since 2001, we’ve grown with you, and we’ve always filled the gaps in your supplies. Also, the era ahead is also full of challenges, and we are willing to help you in different ways. Our services will offer you fresh air and cost down possibilities.

Below you will find some news and support solutions. We are convinced that you do not need only a reselling partner but more than even a company able to supply fast, but also help you at design stage, bringing you best of both worlds. Now, our offer is mature and we help you source your regular items, but we also give you access to tomorrow technology in semiconductors, introducing you premium manufacturers that will relief your supply chain for good!

Franchised Lines – Bringing you “Challenger” manufacturers

Our engineers and Sales teams are working with you to have a full efficient BOM. We help you at design stage and when you need a second source, or when you need a “cross approach”:

  • Risk analysis
  • Alternate Options (cost and leadtime efficient)
  • New designs

Check out our franchised lines, and feel free to contact your sales representative for more details

Check our Linecard
Cost Saving & Benchmarking support

Your BOM is steady, and you need to leverage some savings?

You do not want to rely on one single distributor to support your supply chain?

Great, we have what you need!!

Our sourcing teams are active around the globe. Our recent opening in Dubai, such as our sourcing front offices in China, Americas and Europe will screen the market and give you better support than your local network, in terms of price and most of all in terms of diversification; do not rely on a single channel partner, give us some of your spend, you will be in better conditions to face the next years.

A few examples of brands we carry out for you:

MCUs: STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Microchip, Texas Instruments

Discrete: Nexperia, Vishay, On Semi

Service includes:

  • Full product traceability
  • Scheduling of your orders
  • Worldwide logistics
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