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Degson T2S socket

Type 2 socket outlet with protection cover for charging electric vehicle (EV) by AC, compatible with type 2  plug, installed at EVSE

  1. Develop and produce based on IATF 16949 automobile standard and ISO 9001 standard

  2. Compatible with each other EVSE and EV Charger on the market

  3. The insertion and pull-out times more than 10000 times

  4. Passed TUV, CB, CE certification

  5. Equipped with shutter function, protect L, N, longer service life

  6. Attached motor to prevent live use

Technical data

  • Standard: IEC 62196

  • Rated voltage: 250V/480V

  • Rated current: 16A/32A

  • Protection level: IP54

  • Mechanical life: ≥10000 times

  • Flame retardant rating: UL94 V-0

  • Environmental protection: RoHS/Reach

  • Inserting and pulling force: < 100N

  • Connection Manner: B

  • Charging Mode: 3