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“Our engineers and inspectors have the training and technical expertise to ensure customers receive the highest quality products.”

Quality Control is essential to keep your supply chain safe

Our electronic components testing solutions are respecting the JEDED J-STD-033D standard.

They include a lot of different testings going from visual inspection, X-Ray, CSAM, Decap, etc…depending on the needed procedure & customer need

  • Visual Inspection
  • Decap
  • Package dimensions
  • Device Marking & Surface test
  • X-Ray
  • Solderability testing
  • EDX
  • CSAM delamination
  • Opening and Die inspection
  • Bond Shear
  • Electric testing

Our Warehouses prevail from any ESD shocks

ESD shocks can lead to major issues ; Also, this is why we are working in ANSI20.20S standard warehouse. Your components are safe in our warehouse.

Our Engineering teams are helping you at any stage of your project

At Alantys, we provide you with full stack engineering – from your Design stage, until your Failure Analisys needs, our expert team is here to support you.

Picking up the right component to avoid shortage and get alternative for key customers is key, and this is what we do. Our market intelligence helps ou FAEs and engineers to guide you in your selection

Franchised distribution

Additional Support –  

Additional Support –  

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Additional Support –  

Programming & packaging services

Alantys Technology offers additional services that enables OEMs & ODMs to focus on their core business, while we handle your repacking issues and program your chips, so that you gain time and save on internal costs – all in the finest quality standards that can be provided and with partnership with major third party programming services companies.

Programming and tool development

Programming can be performed on all package types for the below components:

  • Microcontroler
  • Flash
  • EMMC
  • Nand
  • Nor
  • Eeprom
  • SD card/ µ SD
  • USB
  • Lora module/ zigbee…

Packaging Services

Whether you are looking to create your own package from bulk to reel, or you plan to switch from one packaging to any other, we have the solution. We implement custom solutions, such as adapt to the market standard to make your production process easier.

Depending upon your specific needs, Alantys Technology can implement flexible solutions through:

Custom packaging services

We enable you to create your own packaging format:

Tape and Rell from Bulk
Thermoformed Trays
Semiconductors & Mechanicals

SMD packaging services

Alantys Technology helps you repack your:

Tape and Reel
Tray Packaging
Tube Packaging

SMD baking – drypack / ESD packing

Alantys Technology partners with you for very long term warehousing

MSL levels Control
Dedicated Long Term storage Area
Baking & Drypack for any package type

Need a quotation?

If you need a quotation on any electronic component, feel free to get in touch with us now.

Our teams are ready to help

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