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Dear Customer,


As the semiconductor crisis is now in our life since many months now, we see the market changing a bit, but not necessarily for good despite many positive announcements lately that see the leadtime of the MCU shrink of a few days average in the last quarter. Actually, the OEM & EMS sourcing policies of the last year and a half has lead to some massive backlog placed to franchised distributors, and of course, some of the allocation is released to the end customers now. That said, we see some market signals that could lead to larger lead times and also to some new technologies getting impacted by the allocation. We are not yet back on normal times.

Market issues & solutions

Terminal Blocks: some Terminal blocks from Phoenix & Wurth are seeing their leadtimes raising a lot lately, so it is important to think about possible second sources.

  • Alantys can strongly help you with this essential job, thanks to the partnership with DEGSON. Degson provides a large scope of terminal blocks and has some short lead times. Feel free to send your requirements to your sales rep for quotation and samples.


MCU & FPGA:  the most problematic parts are still under huge constraints, and the pricing and lead time dynamics of those items are still moving up. Each quarter, the mechanism is repeated > wait for promised backlog in the 15 fist days of the quarter, then source stocks on the spot market. Also, lately we see some STM32 going back up to their early 2022 price levels, which is a signal that the crisis is not behind us. Not to mention the AMD (Xilinx) & Intel (Altera) situation, which remains equal

  • Our sourcing teams keep constant eye on the market and we have inventory levels on key items to fulfill your requests.


DISCRETE: some Mosfets and diodes are very tight, still, even if the dynamics on some regular pack items is going a bit better lately. However, constraint still hard, so a dual strategy is still needed, meaning placing backlog + sourcing stock to secure production. Also, we recommend strongly to look at “tier 2 manufacturers” as possible replacements or second source item.

  • Alantys has interesting manufacturer in its portfolio to cover your needs and some product specialists to help you design in:  SHINDENGEN & MAGNACHIP – get in touch with our sales team for further information
Focus on our added-value: Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

At Alantys, we are securing your purchase, and we are mitigating any kind of quality risk, but either sourcing form direct/ distribution network, or having all devices tested under JEDEC J-STD-033D and AS6081.

On top of this, we are testing fast, in a 1 week period, which give ability to supply short and don’t get stuck at the test house with 4 to 6 weeks leadtime testings.

  • Come to us for further information on how we solve your issues maintaining your quality on top


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