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Dear Customer,

2023 is bringing some hope at the components leadtimes level on certain specific families of products, but on the other side, we see that the shortage is still very present at different levels and market segments.

If you look fast, it looks like some allocation is released better than last year, but mostly caused by huge bookings done 18 months ago and double booking strategies. Shortage is still ahead for some product lines, as the manufacturers leadtimes and pricing keep raising for some of them.

Therefore, more than ever you need to be well prepared for what’s ahead and build a solid supply chain strategy that may be different from past months.

We, in this period, can definitely help you in several aspects:

  •  Shortage solving with High Level Risk Mitigation (IDEA-STD-1010 and AS6081 testing standards)
  • Leadtime buy options to leverage cost downs (PPV)
  • Alternative manufacturers sourcing for your key products
Introducing our BOM management service

Our engineers are constantly looking for manufacturers that will bring value to your supply chain, either by leveraging costs down or leadtime improvement – either by getting you the right technology for your end product. Your BOMs can be improved, and we pretend to help. Feel free to send them out to your sales representative, or directly click on the below button, we will provide a risk analysis and some proposals with fresh new partners.

Send your BOM for analysis
Market issues & sourcing solutions

Discrete: Wuxi Welnew Microelectronics, a plating supplier having 60% market share on their core product, declared some massive fire at their plating plant is Wuxi, China. Welnew is a sub-tier supplier to several semiconductor manufacturers including Infineon, Vishay, BOSCH, and OSRAM which have been recently releasing information about the impact of the fire on some key commodities. The commodities which are potentially impacted include MOSFETs, RF Small Signal, LED Drivers, causing already massive shortages for some high runners used in many different industries

  • Alantys can strongly help you locating stocks for Vishay, Nexperia and other impacted manufacturers products. As well, our design-in services help you cross your impacted lines with other makers that may have more favorable leadtimes at current.

MCU & FPGA:  The pricing and lead time dynamics of those items are not aligned. FPGAs still under strong constraints, but some MCUs are more relaxed with leadtimes in the 40 weeks range or less. That said, situation is still critical with STM and Microchip for example.

  • Our sourcing teams keep constant eye on the market and we have inventory levels on key items to fulfill your requests. Also, we are able to provide leadtime pricing for brands such as Analog Devices, Microchip, or NXP – get in touch with your sales representative for more details.


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