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Market updates

Spring 2021 is marking the confirmation that our industry is on « shortage mode » for good, as the macro factors are not getting better and – at least in the semiconductor industry – this situation will last until middle of 2022. As the raw materials costs are still booming, chances to see price reductions on short term 

are flying away. 

Not only the wafer costs are affecting the electronics industry, but also the basic raw materials for passive, electromechanics and other components (copper, plastics,etc…).

Also, the transportation cost raise and shortage is not helping the situation and the whole supply chain is impacted. 

Cost raise examples of key components in cable making industry, as of end of April 2021

Back on our detailed Q1 market update
Hybrid Distribution is your Beacon in this Global Market Condition!

If you have not yet adapted your supply chain strategy as many OEMs & EMS did already for the above mentionned reasons, then it’s time! 

In Alantys, focus in on our customer base, and we know how important it is to keep good information levels to adapt decision making. Also, our sales teams can inform you on a day to day about the recent market exposure to critical situations. 

Also, here is what our offer will bring you: 

  • Acces to worldwide inventory of semiconductors and other components, thanks to our 12 locations worldwide
  • Leadtime base business, with different allocation rules than your usual network
  • Cross-working solutions, with over 30 franchised lines
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Introducing our partnership with Marquardt

Marquardt is a family-owned company headquartered in Germany with offices in 20 locations around the world. The company is a leading manufacturer of mechatronic systems used by many well-known customers in household appliances, HVAC, industrial applications, automotive and power tools, Decades of experience make us a partner of leading brands. Whether you drive your car, take a coffee or control your washing machine or heating system, every day you are in contact with Marquardt. 

Within the Mechatronic Devices Division, Marquardt offers a broad portfolio of electrical switches including snap-action switches, rocker switches, tact switches, push buttons and foot switches. Marquardt also develops and produces pressure and flow sensors. Switches & sensors by Marquardt offer reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness. More informations : 

Acces to all our franchised lines


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