Alantys Technology is your preferred partner for electronic components shortage, to reduce extended lead times or locate allocated, obsolete or end-of-life electronic components. We quickly source materials – all while delivering competitive pricing.

Whether you’re seeking to reduce extended lead times or to locate allocated, obsolete, and other end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and other hard-to-find electronic components, Alantys Technology has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages. With Alantys Technology and its established OEM and EMS community as your partner, you can move quickly and discreetly to source constrained products before an electronic component shortage situation adversely affects market prices.

Services include :

  • Electronic components rapid fulfillment
  • Competitive pricing for your electronic components needs
  • Diverse products offering
  • Discreet processes
  • Rigorous quality inspection process for your electronic components
  • Global reach

Alanty’s electronic components shortage distribution services cover the full range of electronic component parts, including semiconductors, memory, storage, integrated circuits, and more.

Fast Service

In addition to finding the right products at the right time, Alantys Technology can immediately ship them from anywhere in the world – even overnight. That’s because our global distribution network has the quick-turn capabilities to meet your on-time delivery needs.

Using Alantys Technology service, you will not have any electronic components shortage.

Quote : 4h
Delivery : 24h

Obsolete / Hard to find


Certified Vendors

Frequent quality
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