Dear Valued Partners,

This year, Alantys is celebrating its 20th Anniversary – time flies !

We started Alantys with one mission, bringing customized supply chain solutions. Over the past 20 years you’ve helped us bring Alantys to sell over to 35 countries, with 12 different subsidiaries and warehouses on 3 continents.

Since 2001, Alantys is proud to have always put our customers needs as our top priority. Our Worldwide sourcing channels enable us to inform you first on market situations.

We’ve seen the distribution network changing a lot, and in some cases even leaving the customer with mono source channels, which made our core model more obvious for many OEMs & EMS.

We have been growing continiously during this period and we are flattered to see a lot of our suppliers and customers growing strong by our side.

Also, the recent market events show more than ever that information and loyalty are key to keep the supply chain running, and this is what keeps us awake in Alantys : serving you, only you !

20 years is a long time, but it’s just the beginning.

We’ve built a project that gives us ability to partner with thousands of customers wolrdwide.

We will dedicate the next 20 years bringing you the greatest service levels and pricing leverages, and what matters the most to us is to help you fulfill your goals.


Thank you for your business and support !

We are distribution !

Sylvain Maillard – CEO

Market updates – April 21

Q1 has most probably been the most confusing quarter in our industry History : the semiconductor manufacturers are still – for some of the major ones – facing hard times delivering products, which leads to crazy price raises on stock availables on the market. Besides, foundries are still not operationnal to cover the market needs and assume that this shortage will last for the year, at least. This situation could last up to end of 2022 says some of the key players.

Huge investments are being done to cover the gap between demand and offer : TSMC annonced a $100 billion investment in the next 3 years, Intel announced its plan to become a foundry and build a $20 billion project, and Global Foundries announced $1.4 billion in chip factories, but all this will not be enough to get us out of this situation fast as it is a deep and strong structural shortage…

Lately, we’ve seen numerous automotive factories stopping their line because of lack of electronic components for example, which shows the crisis is strong and unseen before.

On top of this, there is still some massive transportation shortage that causes price raises, and some of the major raw materials needed in our in industry are raising.

We now see tensions on the FPGA market, while it remained flat until a few days ago, and some passive makers now talking about their impact, so it’s likely that things will move to different kind of manufacturers soon enough…

See detailed report on the causes of the shortage

Alantys Solutions to face the period

Our network is global, and as of we write this letter, we see how essential it is to adopt a sourcing strategy that does not only rely on 1 single marketing area and here a 2 majors tips we find essential nowaydays:

  • Splitting your business on the red flagged brands for the long term supply is essential as you may be served differently in terms of stock allocation
  • Buying some stocks on the strategic lines, to keep the production running is a must, things will not get better soon

We are constantly buying inventory on the most impacted brands to serve our customer base : feel free to ask your sales representative for our free stock list & incoming stocks listings.

Also, let us insist on our strenght in reducing costs or shortening the leadtimes for the below mentionned brands that we are dealing with for 2 decades :

  • Texas Instruments : shortage is there for the TPS series mainly
  • Xilinx : XC3, XC6 & XC7 are now going up to 52 weeks leadtime
  • NXP, STM & Microchip : these are the most volatile devices at the moment, we can help you control the situation

About us : We Are Distribution

Alantys Technology is an hybrid distributor serving OEMs & EMS since 20 years. Our strenght is based on our global presence (12 locations worldwide) and our ability to bring our customers full pricing & logistics support for their MCU, Memory, Connectivity and many more products