Electronic components distribution

Alantys Technology is a leading authorized distributor of electronic components. We deal directly with the factories that build components and work with our customers to supply the components in a way that fits their business model.

Worldwide presence

Since 2001, ALANTYS Technology is one of the largest independent distributor of semiconductors, electronic components, to the world’s leading manufacturers.

Alantys Technology develops supply-chain solutions for customers in a host of industries: automotive,broadcasting, consumer, industrial,medical, military, aeronautics, test and measurement, wireless and wireline.
With offices in 6 strategic locations around the globe, we are open 24/7 to help you
solve your electronic components sourcing issues.

Electronic components Shortages

ALANTYS Technology is your preferred partner for electronic components shortage. We offer solutions to reduce extended lead times or locate allocated, obsolete or end-of-life products. We quickly source materials – all while delivering competitive pricing.

Whether you’re seeking to reduce extended lead times or to locate allocated, obsolete, and other end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and other hard-to-find electronic components, Alantys Technology has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages. With Alantys Technology and its established OEM and EMS community as your partner, you can move quickly and discreetly to source constrained products before an electronic components shortage situation adversely affects market prices.

Using Alantys Technology service you will not have any electronic components shortage !

Quality Management

The ALANTYS Technology team is committed to delivering quality throughout every level of the organization.
ISO 9001 certification: Quality management system standard

As a quality-driven organization, ALANTYS Technology demonstrates its commitment to quality by achieving and maintaining independent third-party certification of its quality management system to the international ISO 9001 standard – a generic management system that specifies in broad terms the necessary components of a quality management system.

Electronic components excess stock solutions

Organizations in every industry are realizing the importance of improving their supply chain processes. In doing so, they are reviewing procedures to introduce cost-avoidance models and implement best practices to create additional revenue streams by properly managing their excess inventory.