Alantys Technology, your distributor for electronic components, is one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Europe and worldwide. We distribute electronic components in a host of industries such as civil, aeronautic and military but as well as automotive, telecom, railway and medical. One of our core value relies on trust and mutual respect.

alinea_rowWith ALANTYS TECHNOLOGY:– Get the best pricing and lead times for your needs in electronic components– Get a solution for your shortages for electronic components (obsolete electronic components, allocated electronic components,…)– Get your supply chain better. Our spread range of suppliers enables us to propose yearly contracts with fixed prices and schedules deliveries.– Get a market expertise and technical support for your needs of electronic components– Get offers to resell your excess inventory

Altera, Xilinx, Texas Instrument, Cypress, Onsemi, Cvilux, Crouzet, Panasonic, Finder, 3M, Bellnix, Realtek, Fujitsu, Degson, Keko Varicon, Nic Components, Nichicon, Powertip, Relpol, Taiwan Semi, Varta…..


As a matter of fact, we constantly improve the quality of our services, so we can keep satisfying our global customer base for their electronic components supplies.