Added-Value Services

Alantys Technology is offering a full range on dedicated services, that are helpfull to your production facilities.

  • High Reactivity : our teams are able to offer you Extra fast delivery services, up to being able to ship and delivery same day
  • Technical support : our engineering team help you at the design stage, but also in case of issue in production. Our FAE teams are experts and have a strong knowhow about the market
  • Inspection & Testing Services : thanks to our lab & our partners, we provide full testing services to your components. X-ray, decap, counterfeit detection ; feel free to outsource this to Alantys Technology, we care and our knowhow we prevail you from having issues.

Our engineers and inspectors have the training and technical expertise to ensure customers receive the highest quality products.

Franchised network
COC available

MCU Software


Smooth Logistics
24 hours Shipments

Scheduled Deliveries
Worldwide Shipments


MCU programming

Outsourcing your programming may be a smart idea. Alantys Technology programs your chips and delivers out to your location. No need to spend time on programming internally.

Reeling/ Repackaging

We make up your packaging as you wish. You can choose either tape & reel, tray, tubes or whatever you need to fulfill your requirements.

Call-Off deliveries, Scheduled deliveries

Alantys Technology is able to stock for you, such as orgazizing your delivery time JIT based on your yearly forecasts.

Laboratory Skills: DCEC Process

Visual inspection


Electrical testing


In-house inspection and testing services include:

  • Counterfeit mitigation inspection process, DCEC Process
  • Baking and dry-packing
  • X-ray
  • Marking permanency testing
  • Decapsulation
  • Custom labeling
  • Climate-controlled distribution center
  • Full ESD environment

These services are flexible, customizable and designed to fit your organization’s specific needs.

We also offer a full suite of value-added services, by an approved partner, designed to reduce your project management time and cost-associated risks in electronic components distribution.

These services are flexible, customizable and designed to fit your organization’s specific needs :

Solderability testing, Lead trimming and forming, Lead scanning and repair, Taping and reeling, DC and AC functionality, Reballing, Plating conversion, IC programming, Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Failure analysis, MIL testing